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This Instant Pot Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup is a rapid and easy recipe for a deliciously cheesy and hearty soup that everybody will love.

If you are looking for an unbelievable soup that packs a delicious punch at the dinner table, this Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup is it.

Throw together this Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Potage with pantry staples, and few additional items. It’s actually very easy, and will be well adored amongst everybody in the family.

While this soup can certainly be made on the stove top or in a slow cooker, the pressure cooker makes it almost effortless.

This Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Potage comes together quite and easily with either red or green enchilada sauce. While we haven’t tried it with green sauce just yet, we have had it with the red sauce more than we can mention.



• 1 Tbsp olive oil
• 3 cloves garlic minced
• 1 red bell pepper sliced
• 1 onion diced
• 15 oz enchilada sauce red or green
• 14.5 oz diced tomatoes
• 8 oz cream cheese cubed
• 1.5 C chicken broth
• 2 chicken breasts thawed and diced
• 1/2. C cheddar shredded
• 1 tsp salt or more, to taste
• 1/4 tsp pepper or more, to taste


1. First put your diced chicken into the Instant Pot with 1/2 C. water. Cook for thirteen minutes at high pressure. Rapid release, and strain chicken into a bowl. Drain the remaining water.
2. Secondly put the insert back in the IP, and add oil, garlic, bell pepper, and onion and use the saute feature to saute for three minutes until soft. Turn OFF the saute feature.
3. After To the pot, add the enchilada sauce, diced tomatoes, cubed cream cheese, and chicken broth. Push the « soup » function on the IP, leave the lid OFF.
4. Allow the soup to come together for five minutes — you want the cream cheese to melt gradually into the other elements (so leave the top off). If you put the top on the pot it will make the cream cheese curdle.
5. Once the cream cheese has worked itself down into the liquid, turn OFF the soup function and give the soup a stir so that the elements are mixed as one. Add chicken, shredded cheese, salt, and pepper (to taste).
6. Allow the cheese to melt over the next minute or two, then ladle into bowls, and top with shredded cheese, chopped cilantro and supplementary shredded chicken.


Calories: 333kcal | Carbohydrates: 14g | Protein: 23g | Fat: 21g | Saturated Fat: 10g | Cholesterol: 100mg | Sodium: 1493mg | Potassium: 591mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 9g | Vitamin A: 1798IU | Vitamin C: 40mg | Calcium: 140mg | Iron: 2mg

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