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Air Fryer Monte Cristo Sandwich

Air Fryer Monte Cristo Sandwich

An air fryer Monte Cristo sandwich is a bite of heavenly excellence. If you adore the ham and Swiss battered version at Disneyland, you’ll go crazy over this!

Air Fryer Monte Cristo Sandwich


8 slices bread

1 c pancake mix

1 egg

1/4 c water

1/2 c milk whole

16 slices ham

16 slices cheese Swiss, Gouda, or Gruyer


First Preheat your air fryer to 380F for seven (7) minutes. In the meantime, in a large mixing bowl join the pancake mix with the egg, milk and water.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

After Stir until you have a thick pancake batter you want it to be thicker than your normal batter, not watery, so slowly mix in the water and the milk. Set aside.

Then collect the sandwiches like this: On a piece of bread place 2 slices of cheese, then add 4 slices ham then 2 more cheese and then the second piece of bread.

Softly use your palm to press down on the sandwich. Cautiously, at an angle slide in 4 toothpicks on every edge of the bread to hold the sandwich jointly. By now the air fryer should have finished preheating, place an air fryer paper liner into the basket and close without turning back on.

Air Fryer Monte Cristo Sandwich

After dip the assembly sandwich into the pancake batter and coat well on one side then softly flip over and coat on the second side. Lift and allow excess batter to run off (don’t skip this step). Then put on top of the liner paper into the air fryer basket.

Then set time for seven (7) minutes at 380 degrees. Then flip over and set temperature to 360F and time to one (1) minute, just to finish browning and cooking the second side. (timing will vary slightly depending on how thick your batter is)

Take out from air fryer, pull out the toothpicks and keep warm by wrapping in a container with aluminum foil and continue to cool all the sandwiches.

Finally, to serve, dust each sandwich with as much powdered sugar as wanted as slice in half and serve with a little of raspberry preserves for dipping into. Enjoy!

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