Ultra-Simple ‘Tomato Diet Plan’ That Made a Doctor Lose 11 Kilos in One Month

Ultra-Simple ‘Tomato Diet Plan’ That Made a Doctor Lose 11 Kilos in One Month

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Eating tomatoes without changing his diet helped this doctor lose 11 kilograms (approx. 24 pounds) in one month! How did tomatoes lead to this? Working as an obstetrician and gynecologist in Taiwan, Dr. Cai Fengbo shared his story here.

Surprised to find himself looking stout, Dr. Cai was determined to lose weight. So he turned to tomatoes for help, since tomatoes are low in calories and can easily make people feel full. Whenever he felt hungry, he followed these three ultra-simple steps:

  1. Slice tomatoes
  2. Heat them up in a microwave for 2 minutes
  3. Consume them with warm water

Two medium-sized tomatoes were enough to get rid of his hunger. However, if you feel Dr. Cai’s weight loss diet plan is a bit monotonous, there’s no need to fret. You can always use your creativity to make this effective Tomato Diet “therapy” more enjoyable.

Read on to find an easy-to-follow weight loss plan that is well suited for you.

How does a tomato diet work for weight loss?

Tomatoes are an ideal food for those struggling to lose weight.

 Potential of tomatoes in losing weight

  • Low in calories. A 100-gram (approx. 3.5-ounce) portion of tomatoes contains only 18 calories
  • Almost free of fat and low in sugar content
  • Rich in fiber and easily fills the stomach
  • A high amount of lycopene. Lycopene is one of the most potent natural substances in the body. It promotes body metabolism, slows down aging, and reduces risks of cardiovascular problems, breast cancer, and prostate cancer
  • Eating tomatoes can also increase the body’s adiponectin levels and improve obesity and insulin resistance

The best part is that tomatoes taste sweet and sour and can easily replace snacks to satiate your cravings.

Scientific Proof That Tomatoes Can Help Lose Weight

Scientific Journal Nutrition once published a study where 25 Taiwanese women drank 280 milliliters (approx. 9 ounces) of tomato juice every day for two months while maintaining their normal diet and exercise routines. After two months, these women experienced a significant reduction in the following:

  • Bodyweight
  • Body fat
  • Waist circumference

Tomato Diet Plan

Five Steps to Weight Loss with a “Tomato Diet”

1. Two raw tomatoes a day for weight loss

Eat no more than two large tomatoes a day, preferably deep-red tomatoes. Nutritionist Chen Xiaowei shared that the redder the tomatoes, the higher the lycopene content and the higher the nutritional value.

2. Adding a tomato dish to your dinner for weight loss

Include a tomato to your dinner dish; it can be as basic as tomato scrambled eggs. Eating tomatoes at night can promote the secretion of growth hormone, thus strengthening the body’s metabolism and burning fat. Chen Xiaowei also pointed out that stir-frying tomatoes is a great way to eat them since it makes lycopene easier for the body to absorb.

3. Drinking tomato juice for weight loss

As the previous study showed, drinking freshly squeezed tomato juice has a good weight loss effect. Thus, tomato juice can be a supplement to tomato dishes and raw tomatoes. However, squeezing tomatoes into a juice destroys lots of fiber, so it is not as good as eating tomatoes as a whole directly.

4. Maintaining a regular diet and lifestyle for weight loss

Going to bed early and getting up early is essential since getting a night of adequate sleep is very important for weight loss. Having three meals a day and doing regular exercises is also advisable.

5. Drinking plenty of water for weight loss

Dr. Cai shared that fat is the first thing to be burned when the body is losing weight. After it’s burned, the fat gets converted into keto-acid, which may cause joint pains. It is best to drink plenty of water to promote the metabolism of fat.

It should be noted that Traditional Chinese Medicine theory considers tomatoes as cold and should not be eaten in large quantities to avoid problems like diarrhea. For people whose body belongs to the cold constitution, it is best to eat cooked tomatoes. For patients with chronic diseases, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice before adopting the Tomato Diet plan to lose weight.


Yes, the Tomato Diet Plan works and can be enjoyable too. You can eat tomatoes in various ways like eating raw tomatoes, cooking tomato dishes, and drinking tomato juice. While you are on the diet, remember to sleep and exercise regularly. In addition, do not forget to drink lots of water to speed up body metabolism to achieve faster weight loss.

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